Frequently Asked Questions

Who is AIA?
 AIA is an association to facilitate international exchanges between Amagasaki residents and those from other countries; the people of our sister city, Augsburg, Germany; the people of our friendship city, Anshan, China; and the people of any other countries.
 The number of our members (as of March 31, 2019):
・Individual members: nearly 200 individuals.
・Corporate members: 13 corporations and organizations in total.
What are the membership benefits?
 We offer our members the following benefits:
・Newsletter with exciting information from us and beneficial information from our allied organizations.
・Advance notice of upcoming events and language classes, held every year.
・Preferential reservations and member discounts toward event participation.
 We also hold members-only events.
What does AIA do?
 We implement the following services:
・Japanese Language Class: Held since 2004 for residents from other countries to learn basic Japanese for everyday use as a second language.
・Foreign Language Classes: ENGLISH
・International Exchange Salon: A gathering to deepen cultural exchanges between Japanese residents and those from other countries.
・Annual One Day tour: A shared experience increases mutual understanding between AIA members and foreign nationals who live and work in Amagasaki.
・International Exchange event: One of the large-scale events held annually.
・Homestay and Home visit: Arranging host families for international visitors, or providing opportunities to become host families for local residents.
・Official Website and Newsletter creation: Reporting on its activities and notifying exciting events and lectures.
・Translation and Interpretation: Offering translation for notification, such as events.
Who does participate in AIA?
 Individual volunteers including house wives, who are willing to plan fun and approachable events.
Can I join volunteers at AIA?
 Yes, you can. Anyone is welcome to join us! We need your creating and promoting ideas for enjoyable event and lectures. Why don't you become an event planner at AIA? Your idea will be employed to our events. Please do not hesitate to come see us at our office. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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