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Overview of Amagasaki International Association

 December 5, 1979
 We implement the following services to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the city of Amagasaki and other countries.
・Newsletter with exciting information from us and beneficial information from our allied organizations.
・Our city delegation and our sister and friendship city delegations visit each other, and deepen civic exchanges.
・Sending our youths abroad and accepting youths from overseas.
・Holding various lectures, seminars and language classes.
・Offering translation and interpretation service or accepting volunteer enrollment for this service.
・Arranging homestays and home visits for International visitors.
・Promoting the city of Amagasaki to the world.
・Deepening exchanges with other international groups.
・Developing friendly relations with its sister and friendship city.
 Ms. Nobuyo Otagaki
Address: 3rd Floor Kaimei Government Office, Amagasaki City Office
    2-1-1 Kaimei-cho, Amagasaki, Hyogo 660-0862 Japan
Tel & Fax: 06-7165-7733
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